Healthy mind in a healthy body 

healthy mind

Keeping a balance 


We have multiple posts about different ways to lose weight, meal plans, and supplements, but it is important to also talk about a healthy mind. Being stressed is one of the main reasons of eating too many snacks and then gaining additional weight that people usually tend to avoid. That is why it is so relevant to take some time out of the schedule for relaxing. There are many ways to properly unwind, and there is always something suitable for everyone’s taste, but watching movies and reading are some of the activities which are universal. It is difficult to go wrong with the classics, and that is why we are recommending finding a few hours for a nostalgic evening, and saving yourself from gaining unnecessary calories at the same time. Moreover, no need to worry about finding the movie and the book yourself because we have suggestions for you! Just make sure that you are not snacking too much while enjoying them. 

The golden age of Hollywood 


Our suggestion for a free evening is Casablanca, which is one of those classic movies that everyone should watch at least once. It has stayed relevant since 1942 when it was released and just keeps attracting bigger audiences. This movie was shot during the Second World War, and its story has a historical background, but it keeps the romantic aspect of the movie as a major plot line. It is also said to have the most famous casino scene from the golden age of Hollywood involving a roulette, which is the most often and favorite casino game in movies. Without spoiling too much, the roulette scene is one of the turning points in this movie. One of the main characters begins to change their character right next to the roulette wheel, which already sounds intriguing. Casablanca defied a traditional understanding of a Hollywood movie, and it does not follow a classical narrative pattern. There are so many hidden messages that will make you think about the movie for a long time. 

The old-fashioned way 


If you are a person who often thinks that the book was better than the movie, then this is a bit more up your alley. We suggest taking a trip down memory lane and grabbing yourself a copy of The Great Gatsby. Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote this novel in 1925, but it is still one of the most famous stories about love, society, and the American dream. It leaves people with such an aftermath that no reader initially thought was possible because you start questioning your emotions and everything that was written.  People still make Gatsby themed parties, rent 20‘s clothes, and sit down near a table of roulette for a night out, and it just shows that the Great Gatsby should not be left in your bookcase as something that just your high school teacher advised you to read. Give it a try, and I am sure you will not be disappointed!