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Healthy eating: diet for weight loss and helpful tips 

How do you lose weight by eating healthy? Do you notice any contradiction in this question? Probably yes because “eating healthy” you should not have weight problems. When you do not eat healthy then you end up having too many pounds. 

The term “diet” refers to daily diet, a “slimming diet” refers to a type of nutrition cured to regain weight form to the person who needs it, the diet is made based on this “eating healthy”. 

If you notice in a diet you always find: abolish fried, fats, sweets, snacks that are now part of our daily diet, but that are a kind of power completely wrong. This “junk food” is full of hydrogenated fats, harmful fats, sugars, preservatives, salt and does not have any nutritional or protein intake, so it needs to be eliminated if you want to be well. 

Dieting healthy eating is a concept that also refers to the fact that many diets propose a not balanced program that not only does not produce good results but is at risk of health. 

What does it mean to lose weight by eating healthy? 


It means: 

  • eliminate junk food, including ready-made meals; 
  • feed on a balanced diet; 
  • Take vitamins, mineral salts and proteins through a variety of nutrition; 
  • to feed on genuine foods 

In practice, how do you lose weight by eating healthy? 

First, moderate carbohydrates:

I often talk to people who complain of their diet, but they eat monstrous pasta dishes and two loaves of bread for lunch and dinner and clearly do little physical activity, slimming is an impossible mission. It is therefore best to replace white bread and pasta with wholemeal ones and possibly reduce the portions, wholemeal bread can also be a good substitute for breakfast of roasted slices, to vary a little. 

Of course, biscuits and snacks must be removed from breakfast; preferably, they prefer cereals, whole biscuits or wholemeal slices; Whole grains are perfect for slimming healthy eating. It should be noted that carbohydrates provide sugars, energy, but if they do not exercise, they turn into fat. 

Fat and Cholesterol:

Fat is not completely eliminated, but eating healthy means choosing between good fats and bad fats. Butter, lard, lard, pork fat in general, palm oil, cocoa butter and hydrogenated fats are part of the fat that is absolutely eliminated because they not only help to put weight but also do bad to health. On the other hand, good omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and fat contained in olive oil should be maintained, so be sure to season the salad with little evo oil, eat blue fish, salmon and dried fruit. Foods rich in cholesterol are to be avoided: octopus, offal, crustaceans and egg yolk. Well, the album that does not contain cholesterol absolutely. 


It’s the same fat rule as there are proteins. We should prefer lean proteins such as white meat, fish and legumes but be careful: it’s best to consume less meat and more vegetables and vegetables. No red meats and offal. 

Fibers, vitamins and mineral salts:

all these nutrients are indispensable and come through fruit, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables and whole grains. If you are not used to eating fruits and vegetables, start with the centrifuges and experiment with new dishes based only on these foods, fruits excluded clearly. 

Tips for losing weight by eating healthy 


There are straight lines to lose weight without starving or eating uncompromising diets based on a single food or water. 

Have breakfast right:

whole grains and fruit, or yogurt, centrifuges and herbal teas are fine. 

Have two snacks:

vegetables, fruits, spices and dried fruits or yogurt (one per day preferably) are good for breaking hunger. 

Serve the Food:

If you first ate 80 grams of pasta you should gradually reduce the portion to the right dose to regain the shape weight (this must tell the dietician). 

Choosing genuine products means removing frozen envelopes and scraps, fish and meat, such as soups and even pizza, must be genuine. Buy fresh ingredients and get your food (yes pizza) will earn you healthy, learn to eat well and save yourself healthy eating. An envelope or jar soup is easy to prepare and fast, but what does it contain? Additives, salt, preservatives, fat and very often ingredients that with a soup have nothing to do. This brings us to point 5. 

Read the labels of what you buy:

no matter what the packaging is written that is genuine or that is healthy, always check the ingredients. Remember: Sugars, fats and salt are hidden in the most unlikely foods. 

Do Exercise:

To lose weight by eating healthy, you do not need just a capable dietologist and a good diet nutritionist, but also the willpower to turn off tv, put your phone on and move. We are talking not about sports, but also about learning and doing something new and interesting for you. Let‘s say – you like gambling? Then learn chinesse poker or anything similar to it. 

The need for junk food will always be yours, so do not stay close to the supermarket, get rid of it from your home, resist temptation, remember yourself that you want to lose weight by eating healthy, keep handy crisp fruits and vegetables to munch or get ready a nice spin. 

Avoid carbonated drinks, fruit juices purchased, drink plenty of water, and forget about alcohol. 

Dieting Healthy Eating: What are Diets? 


You have to keep in mind, we will never tire of telling you, which is the diet that has to be molded on you. The diet is like a dress: do not try to put that of another probably will not be there. You need to go to a specialist who weighs and tell us what the right quantities and foods are for us, and it’s also right to do some analysis to find out any intolerance. 

That said, there are diets that are very useful and do not harm your health. One of these is the vegetarian diet that excludes meat; so you can eat: algae, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, soy and derivatives, eggs, cereals, honey and dairy products. Does not it look like a hungry diet? For many to give up meat is a sacrifice but the physic takes advantage of it and does not suffer hunger. 

Another good example of healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet. Think of our grandparents, think of the times when it was really difficult to be obese: it was moving and eating healthy, simply. No snacks, no pre-cooked food, all done in the house and the food was based on pasta and bread that were hardly refined, vegetables, vegetables, legumes, fish in the fishing resorts and meat once a week while sweet and savory worked were reserved for holiday days. 

Another example of diet to lose weight by eating healthy is eastern food, or eating fresh foods in small portions. Meat, dairy and bread are virtually absent as you prefer rice or soya rice, rice, vegetables, fruit, seaweed, soy, eggs and green tea. 

How do you do if you eat out of the house? It can happen, even for work, to go home the food is ideal, but if you can not it is best to choose buffet restaurants, sushi, but never fast food. 

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