Want to lose weight? Skip alcohol

Is alcohol the answer to losing weight?

Everyone has that one friend who managed to lose a lot of weight in a very short about of time. What is the secret of that? Well, the secret is quite simple –  no more alcohol! Alcohol is packed with sugar, which is not only a big no-no to anyone trying to lose weight, but can also disrupt our sleep and our hunger levels. As a result, we would not be as aware whether our body was full, so we would be more likely to overeat. As you are reading it you might realize that it is true, because when truly was the last time when you had a beer without some chips or wine without a slice of cheese. However, how can one stop consuming alcohol completely?


Start small and do baby steps into your alcohol-free world

Even moderate drinking has been linked to a bigger risk of becoming overweight, however a different research has also proved that people who drink only occasionally are at lower risk for becoming overweight compared to the people who do not drink alcohol at all. So what should one do? Just try to become disciplined and limit your drinking to only one drink per day if you truly cannot give up alcohol. What truly helps is tracking how much you are consuming on the weekly basis and then slowly minimize the amount day to day.

 Portion Size is Important even when it comes to drinks

It has recently been discovered that restaurants often serve more alcohol in one class than the universal standard amount per person. The you have to consider cocktails, which often contain extra ingredients which in return means extra calories. Often a pint of beer is bigger than a bottle and at the end of the day, little issues like that do matter. Some drinks contain even more calories that one proper dinner meal ever could! So make sure that next time when you are at the restaurant you think twice about your order and closely watch the bartender as he is mixing your drink. The devil is in the details as they say!

Stick to spirits, but only the good kind

If you are someone who completely cannot stop consuming alcohol, whether on a night out or as a relaxing treat after work, then consider simply changing your choice of drink. There are such things as skinny cocktails after all and spirits like vodka are notoriously carb-free! While other drinks are filled with carbs and sugar, you can simply mix a tiny bit of vodka with sparkling water and lime for a citrusy hint and you have a tasty and guilt-free drink in your hand. This is an especially good idea if you are enjoying a ‘cheat’ meal or something that has more carbs in it than it’s good for you.