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5 Ways to Stop the Yo-Yo Effect

We’ve all tried to diet at some point, in fact some of us are doing it right now. There are successes and there are failures when it comes to dieting habits. The biggest problem is the yo-yo effect, putting wait back on when you’ve managed to lose it. This often happens because once people have lost a few pounds or got down to their target weight they abandon it altogether. Following a rigorous dieting regime to then go on vacation and spend all day drinking cocktails and helping yourself to an all you can eat buffet will soon pile the pounds back on. But there are ways to stop this happening.

Change your attitude

This is fundamental. You’ve had a bad day or received bad news, so what do you do? If you answered with something along the lines of reaching for chocolate then you’re like so many of us. Using comfort eating as a crutch is the undoing of many diets. If you’re going to snack in stressful times make sure you have some fresh fruit or some seeds or nuts to hand. They will fill you up and satisfy the craving without tipping the scales too much.



Remind yourself of your goal. Perhaps you want to be beach body ready or you want to be slimmer in your wedding photographs. The only way to do it is stick to the diet and once you’ve reached your target weight to continue to eat healthily. Focus on your goal and stay positive.

Change your routine

If there are times when you are prone to overeat or places you go that you associate with food that could see you having to go up a couple of belt holes then you need to reconsider. Changing your routine can help stop you eating when you shouldn’t. It requires the same sort of approach as giving up smoking. You might need to modify the way you walk to work or the times at which you eat, but it will be worth it.

Distract yourself from food

A hobby or activity you can perform which takes your mind off food can stop you lapsing back into bad habits. Keeping the mind engaged is the best way to stop thinking about how much you want fod that you don’t need. Doing crosswords or sudoku puzzles is a great way to do this. Another way is to play free live online casino games, they’re fun and you could win some serious money while you’re playing. For more information on free live casino games click here.

Don’t call it a diet

The word diet often has negative undertones for some people. The way you eat is a lifestyle choice and if you want to stay thin it’s better to think of it that way, rather than as a diet which lasts forever. It’s not as if you can never have chocolate or a burger ever again, it’s just that it must be less often. Treating yourself once a week is still allowed.

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